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See what the Kitsilano Theatre Department was up to Spring 2020 and during Lockdown!

Behind the Scenes Part 1:

The Barkerville shoot was sponsored by the PAC and both videos show how amazing these filming opportunities are for kids at Kits.
Most of our tech students on this film are at Emily Carr, UBC, Capilano and even on set working on Batwoman as we speak so it’s a great example of the program immediately awarding students with scholarships, auditions and paying jobs!

This is a behind the scenes look at the 2019-2020 production of ‘Roses of May’. This video highlights the moments and events that took place when sixteen selected students from Kitsilano Theatre Company at Kitsilano Secondary School flew up to Barkerville Historic Park outside

Behind the Scenes Part 2

In this second behind the scenes video, we see the collaborative trip in July to Virtue Studios Ranch outside Mission B.C. to complete the filming of the 2019-2020 Kitsilano Theatre Company’s major motion picture ‘Roses of May’. This filming event was unprecedented as it was a filming trip that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kitsilano Secondary’s theatre department is riding high on the success of their fall 2014 production of Love Actually. The multi-media extravaganza, included over 70 students, film clips, an original script, a jazz band, played to sold out shows and generated major buzz about the Kits’ drama department. New theatre department head Ryan Parker says, “My goal is to double the enrollment in Grade 9 drama, get the kids acting, singing, dancing and building sets.” Parker’s plans include liaising with the professional community and bringing in stars like Mark Donnelly to offer free singing lessons, adding dance training, and expanding the film department.
“Our goal is for the Kitsilano Theatre Company to be the strongest school theatre program in the Lower Mainland. We already have senior students transitioning into paid acting roles on stage and in television. We want to grow the younger program and put students in the position of having a legitimate shot at a professional career in acting, directing, stagecraft and film.”  For more information, go to

Mon- Thur, May 25 – 29th, 7pm.
Tickets can be purchased ahead of time (Love, Actually sold out!) from the students or Mr. Parker – $15 for adults and $10 for students.
Everyone welcome!

Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed Columbia Pictures film directed by Tim Burton – check out the Broadway production site
and the movie on IMDB

This will be the first ever production of Big Fish in B.C. and one of the largest productions Kitsilano has ever put on as far as cost, cast, and crew. We have over 80 actors and performers as well as a crew of over 50 behind the scenes and production!