Kitsilano PAC Constitution and Bylaws

PAC Constitution and By-law revision- please give us your feedback!

Our PAC working group reviewing our Constitution and By-laws presented a proposed revision to the February PAC meeting bringing our bylaws up to date and clarifying some language around a number of issues. The current version, the draft revision and a summary of the changes are all posted on the Kits PAC website at

The PAC executive is now seeking feedback from Kitsilano parents and guardians – please take a look and send any thoughts, comments or questions by April 20 to either Alan Patola Moosmann at or Charlotte French at We will consider your responses and bring a second draft to the April 28 PAC meeting (provided we are back to our regular meeting schedule by then, please watch for further updates should this change). Our by-laws about the revision process would allow us to vote on adopting this revision then, or, if there is substantial feedback and discussion and a need for additional seasoning, to prepare a final draft for a vote at the final PAC meeting this school year (May 26).

Happy reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!