Who We Are

The Kitsilano Parent Advisory Council (Kits PAC) includes parents and guardians of all Kitsilano students. Any Kits parent can be a PAC member!

The purpose of the PAC is to represent parents with the goal of enhancing the education and well being of students in Kitsilano Secondary School. You are welcome to attend PAC meetings and to get involved – it is guaranteed to benefit both you & your child.

Kits PAC 2018-19 Elected Executive Officers

To contact any of these officers, please send an email to kitspac@hotmail.com with “Attention (officer’s name)” in the subject line.

To find out more about duties of officers, Duties of Officers.

Kitsilano PAC Executive 2018/19

Chair Daniela Girard
Vice-Chair Robert Schwetzke
Secretary Jennifer Brandon
Assistant Secretary Judith Tracey
Martina Mitterer
Treasurers Kim Wilson-McCreath
Members-at-large Paula Jerez
Jacqueline Crummey
Maria Dabiri
Yulia Luzhbina
Tassadite Delepine
Ellie Rubin
Catherine Frost
Catherine Mugica
Teri Charuhas
Rebecca Jennings (Athletics Liaison)
District Parent Advisory Council (“DPAC”) Representative Alan Patola Mossman
Fundraising Chair Norma Biln
Fundraising/Member at large Wayde Hayley
Refreshment Committee Christina Morgan (Cookie Bach Organizer)
Sharon Bideshi
Website Daniella Kurland
Past Chair Norma Biln

Kitsilano PAC Committee Volunteers 2016/17

Centennial Committee
Leadership Buket Donnelly
Committee Members Karen Shaw
Norma Biln
Roberta Stuart
Teri Charuhas
Rebecca Jennings
Occasional Volunteer Natalie Randall
Bettina Rothe

PAC Alumni
Leadership Norma Biln
Committee Members Helen Soulsbury
Toan Vo

PAC Dry Grad
Co-Chair Eva Antoniak
Annette In’t Hout
Treasurer Trinity Rowles
Secretary Gayle Farrell
Members at Large Martina Mitterer
Thomasina Burgess
Daniela Dugaro-Murray
Donna Kobas
Kylie Ellis
Linda Shardlow
Lynda Lawrence
Steve Micolino
Karen Vanderheyden
Cheryl Gravkin

Leadership Roger Kao
Committee Members Norma Biln
Rebecca Jennings
Occasional Volunteer Roberta Stuart

Speaker Events
Leadership Norma Biln
Committee Members Bettina Rothe
Occasional Volunteer Roberta Stuart
Toan Vo
Eventbrite setup Frances Clarke

PAC Refreshments
Leadership Martina Mitterer
Cookie Bash Christina Morgan
Occasional Volunteer Bettina Rothe
Teri Charuhas
Natalie Randall
Andrea Martin Blair
Melodie Whitewood

Media/Social Media
PAC Website Daniella Kurland
Website Updates Frances Clarke
Committee member Toan Vo
Occasional Volunteer Bettina Rothe

Leadership Da’ad Dudin
Committee Members Joanna Brewster
Toan Vo
Occasional Volunteer Natalie Randall
Roberta Stuart

Gaming License Administration
Leadership Maki Kristiansen
Committee Members Eva Antoniak
Occasional Volunteer Toan Vo

To contact any of these officers, please send an email to kitspac@hotmail.com with “Attention (committee’s name)” in the subject line.

Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is a national, non-profit, volunteer-based organization, aims to improve student experience with learning French as a second language by advocating with the school board and government, supporting enriching extra-curricular activities, and providing information to families.

The CPF parent representative for Kitsilano School makes regular reports at PAC meetings and contributes information from the organization to the PAC e-news.

For more information, visit the CPF website at www.cpf.ca.