Donate your Skills or Funds

Think Big and Support the KITS PAC 2017/2018/2019 Fundraising Campaign

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The Kits PAC is excited for the start of the new school year!  2017 marks the school’s 100th anniversary and we will hold many events and activities to celebrate this centennial milestone. Help make it a success with the PAC, teachers, school administration, staff and alumni who will all work together building school spirit, community engagement and fundraising.

How you can participate to make the Centennial an unforgettable year!

  • Share your skills with minimal time commitment – see below to see what skills we need!

  • Donate to the PAC to give what you can to support Centennial activities

  • Register as a Kits Alumnus or put us in touch with Alumni who you know

  • Connect us with your business network – – see examples below

  • Large philanthropic opportunities to get your family name posted in parts of the new school

  • Sign-up for the PAC Newsletter

  • Come to PAC Meetings to find out what is going on and/or what you can do to help


PAC needs your skills; do any of these describe you?

  • Fundraising experience
  • Bookkeeping or accounting skills
  • Website management
  • Social media skills
  • Event planning
  • Community engagement
  • Organizational skills
  • Legal and/or governance
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Hosting, catering, baking

Do you have contacts or a network who can help the school thrive?

  • Local business merchants interested in supporting the school community
  • Philanthropic organizations or individuals
  • Contractors or developers who can offer in-kind contributions to the school for special projects
  • Motivational, special topic speakers


We’d love to hear from you!