Kits Student Clubs

Club Description Club Sponsor Contact email Meeting Time Room

Board Game Club

We play board/card games together. Members with similar passion for these types of games can enjoy quality time at school. Mr. J. Davies Wednesday
11:40 - 12:20

AP Calculus Club

Study together to prepare for the AP Calculus AB and BC exams. Ms. K. Wakeman Thursdays and Fridays
at lunch (only on Day 1’s)

Chemistry Club

Chemistry club (suitable for students who have taken / are taking chem 11 or 12) allows students to perform labs they usually wouldn’t get to in class. We have club discussions, celebrate special days (like Mole Day) and perform labs/ learning the chemistry behind them. Ms. M. Asmani TBA - most likely Wednesday or Thursday (every 2nd week)
3:10 - 4:30

Club d’Art Oratoire

French Immersion students can work on their oral french through fun music, poems, activities, and french culture. Mme. M. Perrett Wednesdays
Lunch time

Girls Empowerment Club

The group meets weekly and is a mentorship group where students in grade 11 and 12 provide mentorship to students in grade 8. The group is for anyone who identifies as female. Alison Rowley, School Aged Children and Youth (SACY) Worker Wednesday
11:40 - 12:20

Gaming Club

We play and discuss about video games. Members that meet each other weekly may bond by corresponding interests. If allowed use of the auditorium, we plan on holding special events. Mr. R. Parker Friday
11:40 - 12:20
Bonus meets may be afterschool
Drama Studio (180)

Improv Club

Meet at lunch to play improv games and work on skills such as thinking on your feet, stage presence and overall confidence! Mr. R. Parker
11:40 - 12:20
Bonus meets may be afterschool
Drama Studio (180)

Investment Club

This is a club to give students the opportunity to learn how to invest their money and learn about financial responsibility. Students will work w/ investment simulations. Ms. A. Kersten Wednesdays
at lunch

Junior Achievement - Company Program at Kits

JA is an entrepreneurship club for students interested in business by taking an innovative idea and making it happen. The club involves creating a company, operating and learning the functions of a business and then taking a real product to market. Ms. A. Kersten
Mr. C. Kam or Mondays afterschool
(3:05 - 4:00 pm)

Kitsilano Blood Club

The Blood Club recruits eligible students for blood donations and stem cell stabbing/ organ donation. We will also be holding in-school events so stay updated! Ms. C. Wittrin Once or twice a month
at lunch time

K-POP Dance Club

We are going to learn k-pop dances and participate in contests! Mr. Kam & Mr. Findlay or Afterschool (3-5pm) multi -purpose room

Leo Club

As part of the Lions Club international, we do volunteering/fundraising activities either outside or inside the school. Leo club is also in charge of the library monitors. Ms. S. Paulsen Tuesdays
at lunch
Library commons (104)

Jazz Band

Are you interested in Jazz music? Do you play a Jazzy instrument? If the answer is yes, Jazz club is the perfect place for you. Sign up in front of room 175 and be jazzy. Ms. Lo Wednesdays
at lunch

(Junior and Senior)
Programming Club

Junior: We make and program games on the computer. Senior: We prepare for and compete in programming competitions. The Jr. division is let by Bobby Davidson and Viktor Gubash, and the Sr. division by Carmel Kurland. Mr. C. Kam Jr. : Tuesdays at lunch
Sr. : Thursdays at lunch
Computer lab (142)

Kitsilano Mathematics Club

The Kitsilano Mathematics Club helps students with math homework and prepares students who wish to write math contests. Open to all students! Ms. M. Jackson Day 2 Mondays
at lunch

Model UN

We will be discussing various political topics, giving input based on what country you have been assigned. Mme. M. Perrett Tuesday
11:40 - 12:20

Physics (fermi) Club

Physics club is a club that brings together people who all share a passion for physics. We learn collectively, doing fun projects, physics labs, trivia, and fermi questions, ultimately in preparation for the Physics Olympics in spring. Mr. D. Smith Every Tuesday
at Lunch

Psychology Club

The Psychology club has: - Discussions about current issues and shared interests - Personality and social sciences - Mental illnesses and application of psychology - Bake sale (fundraising) and watch videos and a closing party Ms. S. Leslie or Thursday
at lunch

Public Speaking

We practice all forms of speaking in public - informal, formal, presentations, interviews, and debate. Ms. C. McMillan TBA 210

Reach For The Top

Reach for the Top allows students an environment to participate in competitive trivia. We cover many topics such as history, science, math, and geography. Mr. J. Davies Friday
11:40 - 12:20
Games after school on Tuesdays

Robotics and Engineering

- Kids learn/practice with bulding/engineering/coding - Working with microntollers Mr. D. Smith Monday & Tuesday
3:15 pm

Science Fair

The club supports students for the district, regional, and Canada-wide science fair. Mme. M. Yang Monday
11:40 - 12:20

Ski / Snowboarding Club

Goes skiing or snowboarding at Whistler or Blackcomb. Lessons & rentals are offered. Mr. J. Findlay & Dec. 15th
March 2nd
@ 6:00 am
School parking lot

Survival Club

(There will be outdoor activities) A safe and fun place for everyone that is interested in learning some skills that will help them during hiking, in a survival situation, or to be cool & awesome. Ms. C. Davie (every second week)
Counselling suite

Tennis Club

Meets once a week to practice and play tennis. Great way to meet other tennis players. Mr. P. Pospisil
Mr. J. Findlay or Thursday
3:30 - 5pm
at McBride Park

We Club

We fundraise for local and global causes via bake sale, candy grams, and other fundraisers which promote awareness for different humanitarian causes. Mme. M. Perrett Wednesdays
At lunch