Kitsilano Inspiration 100

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Inspiration 100 Campaign UPDATE

We are pleased to inform you that we pulled together as a community and have raised $86,000 for the Inspiration 100 Campaign to-date. Fantastic! Parents have spoken clearly with their generosity, saying they want more for our kids. Like you, they want to support teacher projects that keep students engaged in school activities – before, during, and after class hours. With additional resources, our kids can learn new skills and build new relationships with peers and teachers.

This year’s donations will be distributed to teachers by the end of May 2017. The PAC is pleased to disburse funds to Athletics to buy additional uniforms; the Arts Dept to buy new cameras; the Science Dept to buy 3D printers; the Academics Dept to buy new computers and go on field trips; the Robotics Club to buy additional kits; and, we bought a colour printer for the School. For more detailed information on disbursed funds, please review the PAC financial statements.

2016-17 Raised Funds Funds to be Disbursed by May 2017
Parent Donations $44,750   Athletics $25,000  
Gaming $26,250   Arts & Drama $25,750  
Lily Hall Tributes $14,500 * Lily Hall Tributes $14,500 *
Student Services $7,000
Academics $8,000
Applied Skills & Clubs $2,000  
      PAC expenses $2,250  
      PAC scholarships $1,000  
Dry Grad $26,500  **  Dry Grad $26,500  ** 
Total $112,000   Total $115,500
Total excl Dry Grad $85,500   Total excl Dry Grad $85,500

* collected by PAC; passed directly to LH family.
** collected by PAC; directed to grad class.

In September 2017, we will invite teachers to make another request for funds. Kits PAC is also hoping to steer additional funding to important capital projects like completing the theatre and the Outdoor Deck on the west side of the School. Some of you may not know that although the Province of BC has paid for the new buildings and seismic upgrades, funding for the inside furnishings like stage curtains & lights, theatre seats, program extras and student furniture must come from other funding sources. With your help, Kits PAC would like to step in and provide some of this funding for the School and our kids as soon as possible.

We are still in the middle of the Inspiration 100 Campaign celebrating 100 years of high quality education at Kitsilano Secondary, and a commitment to raise $250,000 by June 2018. Join us as we help make Kitsilano Secondary a better school for our kids. Please make an online donation today. Thanks!

-Roger Kao, Chair of the Fundraising Committee

May 31, 2017

Let’s celebrate our Centennial year!


Last year Kits parents and the Kits community raised an impressive total of $55,000. In the coming months, we would like to raise an even greater amount of money to better support our teachers and proudly celebrate our Centennial year.
Soon you will be hearing more about Inspiration 100, a Kits PAC Fundraising Campaign with a $250,000 goal for 2017. While enhancing our kids’ school experience is an ongoing goal for PAC, we hope that 2017 will be the launch of an ongoing effort to further support our School’s new theatre and innovative project requests by the math, arts, applied skills, PE, and other departments.

To better understand the Kits teachers’ projects and how they will benefit our kids, please review the following list submitted to Kits PAC in September 2016. You can help improve the quality of our kids’ learning environment.

Please make an online contribution today.

– Kitsilano PAC