Volunteer Form test

Call for Kitsilano Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Parent Volunteers!

Interested in stuffing envelopes over your choice of (adult) beverage….
Setting and dismantling tables before and after events (with fun people)…
Fundraising – we need people with great ideas and enthusiasm to help
Website and Social Media management
Media experience or connections in the industry
Bookeeping, legal, or food (either baking/cooking or donating storebought food or supplies like serviettes)
Paper-pushing administration while hanging out with… yes…a fun group of people…

If so, join a PAC committee to help make this year at the school a great success for our children!

    Please place a check mark in the boxes to indicate what Committee you would like to volunteer on.

    Committee On this committee I would like to be a
    PAC Alumni Liaison
    The Kitsilano Alumni Association wants to support and fundraise for our school. PAC liaisons will attend some alumni meetings and correspond with the association to look for synergies between PAC and Alumni initiatives.
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    PAC Dry Grad Committee
    Chair Nominee TBD
    The Dry Grad takes place after the Prom and provides a safe, super-fun environment for kids to celebrate into the night! Help plan, organize and fundraise to make that night memorable for 2017 Grads!
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    PAC has big plans but needs your fundraising experience and advice to pull it off. If you have ever worked on a fundraising team, even an occasional hour of your advice-filled time will help us!
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    Speaker Events
    The PAC organizes special speakers to enrich parent education on a number of relevant topics. We like to have 2-3 speakers a year either as standalone events for fundraising or to enrich PAC meetings. We get many recommendations for speakers and need help scheduling and planning events.
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    PAC Refreshments
    We usually have refreshments at PAC meetings and special fundraising events. Do you want to lead the group, pick up refreshments, occasionally bake or coordinate with others to do that?
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    Media and Social Media
    We need to get the word out about the Kitsilano Centennial Anniversary and engage the community. Do you have ideas on how to help us do that through News Media and Social Media?
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer
    During tax season we need to get those tax receipts out to our kind donors and there are a lot of them! Help us send thank you cards and address envelopes. You may also want to help host or collect payments at speaker events or add names to the PAC news distribution list. The PAC makes admin a team sport…please join us!
    LeaderCommittee MemberOccasional Volunteer

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    You can reach the PAC at kitspac@hotmail.com