DPAC Survey on Post-Pandemic Education


District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)
Parent Survey
Submission Deadline April 2, 2021
DPAC Survey on Post-Pandemic Education
Greetings Kits parents! Please complete this online survey
The survey consists of an introduction, an optional explanatory video, and five short questions.  The survey is open until Friday, April 2nd 2021.  
Why this survey now?
The Ministry of Education has asked school districts to prepare plans for the 2021-2022 school year based on a full time return to school. VSB staff are drafting a plan to present to trustees in mid-April and in an effort to gather learning from recent experience have asked DPAC to survey secondary school parents about their thoughts on lessons from the past year. The April 02 deadline will give DPAC’s restart working group time to compile the results and prepare a report to the district over the following week. Should the restart plan for next year require modifications due to Health orders based on the state of the pandemic as September approaches, the working group will be reconvened to provide feedback on any proposed changes. 
The specific questions being asked are:
  • Thinking of the changes to education in the last year, what changes did you like and would keep in the future?
  • Thinking of the changes to education in the last year, what changes did you dislike?
  • Thinking of education pre-pandemic, what do you miss and want to do again?
  • What features do you want to see in a schedule when all restrictions have been lifted?
  • What other suggestions do you have for the Vancouver School Board for post-pandemic education?
The VSB is asking similar questions of the secondary school teachers.
If you have any questions, please contact Alan, our Kits DPAC rep, at apatola@telus.net