VSB is seeking input into the learning experience for students

VSB is seeking input into the learning experience for students

Public Engagement Begins

The Board is engaging parents to ask how we can use VSB buildings across the city for the
learning of students today and in the future. Our priorities are to create modern learning spaces
and ensure all our students are in seismically safe schools.

If we plan and act now, the ongoing seismic program provides us with an opportunity to
continue to build modern classrooms that meet the needs of school communities and
Vancouverites now and in the years to come. Right now, half of our buildings are older than 70
years. The Province is providing money to upgrade or build seismically safe schools for every
student in Vancouver and across BC.

While we will continue to advocate for more provincial funding and the Province will cover
seismic safety, this may not cover all the costs associated with building the modern learning
spaces we’d like to create at VSB. If we combine VSB money with the provincial funds, this
could allow us to build more modern classrooms for the future. To do so, we’ll have to raise

We’d like to understand your thoughts about envisioning modern classrooms and community
spaces, and how we can raise money to build them.

VSB will host two phases of engagement – one online and one
through in-person events. Our online engagement is open between
February 19, 2020, and March 11, 2020.

Please go to https://build2learn.ethelo.net/ to provide your feedback.

This is part of the engagement process that we started in fall 2019. Through this process, we will
develop recommendations for how we can use our buildings to serve the learning needs of
students today and in the future within seismically safe schools. We will report back on what
we’ve heard throughout the process by the end of June 2020.