Youth Empowering Youth Program

We are excited to announce three open Youth Empowering Youth (YEY) programs for your youth ages 13-18. You can register for this free online-program now and share this information with the youth you work with. More information about the program and how to register is included below and attached you will find a one-page information sheet on the YEY program.

You can choose one of the following timings that best works for you:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-8:00 p.m. (PST) April 27- May 25
  • Sundays 1:00- 2:30 p.m. (PST)  May 2- June 27
  • Sundays 10:00- 11:30 a.m. (PST) June 6- August 1


Introduction of YEY Program  – A message from our co-founders Matthew and Lev

Testimonial from a youth graduate

About the Program

YEY is a nine-session accelerated program, run by two trained Facilitators who are passionate about helping youth. The program is offered  in an online class setting that encourages student participation. Each class shares a new principle which builds upon the previous principle; ultimately helping students take accountability for their thoughts, feelings and actions; thus, moving them into a place of confidence, security and self-assurance. Upon completion of this program, youth are offered an opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future courses to help empower more youth within their school or community. YEY curriculum is a derivative from the Slight Edge Principles. The principles shared during this nine-week program are as follows:

Session 1 – Ripple Effect

Session 2 – Attitude Creates Your Life

Session 3 – The Moment You Stop Blaming, You Take Back your Power

Session 4 – Take Action! With Small Steps

Session 5 – Fail Forward to Success

Session 6 – Drive Your Life with Powerful Habits

Session 7 – Be a Student of Life

Session 8 – Momentum is your Responsibility

Session 9 – Graduation & Next Steps 

About the Organization

YEY is a program of Low Entropy, a registered Charity that is making personal growth accessible to all, and in doing so providing people with the tools to change themselves and the world. What’s unique about our program is that it has a template and a structure to foster growth and development in an intentional, adaptable, customizable, and scalable way. Change starts from within, and we see personal growth as a vehicle for global change. More information on Low Entropy and the Youth Empowering Youth program can be found at Register for our newsletter at


We inspire youth to be accountable for their own thoughts, feelings and actions; helping them become responsible citizens in this world. Our vision is to help all schools across the world create a culture that empowers, strengthens and develops leaders for the next generation.


To create a safe environment for youth to cultivate a sense of security, confidence and self-assurance within themselves.


We all have unique gifts and intrinsic value to offer to the world. Our program will serve as a catalyst to help youth explore their talents and contribute to the community in a powerful, positive and meaningful way.

After Graduation

Upon completion of this program, youth have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future programs to help empower more peers! This is a unique pathway for youth to gain knowledge and apply what they have learned from the program in an engaging way to make an immediate impact.


To register, please click the link, fill out the form and submit it to book a spot in our upcoming program.

For more information contact Shawna Deagle, Community Liaison, at or 604.314.6102.

Low Entropy is supporting a new program (Root Yourself). This is a completely free program for girls and non-binary youth in grades 10-12 in BC. It takes place online over Zoom on Thursdays 5:30- 7:00 p.m. (PST) April 29- June 17. The flyer is attached for more information about the program and the registration is available at

Warm Regards,

Hanan Azam
Administrative Assistant – Youth Empowering Youth
Low Entropy Foundation 
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