March Pub Night!

It’s time for our March Pub Night!
Don’t miss the chance to get to know or reconnect with other parents and support our students at the same
time! As always all grade parents and kids are welcome to join!

With your $25 ticket, you get a burger (beef, chicken, or vegetarian) with fries or salad and one local beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverage.
There will be a 50/50 draw and a Silent Auction to raise more funds for our school. These funds go towards school projects and teacher requests that have so far been unable to be funded!

The purpose of this event is to help raise $20,000 towards these important initiatives:
  1. Furniture Grad Council Room with couches to be utilized by Grad Classes Present and Future
  2. Sponsor a program that involves and educates youth about consent and healthy relationships. It will be utilized by Grade 8, 9 , 10 Students
  3. Fund presentation of SAFETEEN workshop, level 1, for all Grade 9 students. The SAFETEEN model a lines with our departmental goals by addressing the Core Competencies as well creating a culture of care which in turn impacts personal well-being and thus increases student success and promotes inclusivity.
  4. Start a classroom collection of Spanish novels. Current library is extremely limited.
  5. Purchase quality scale for weigh-ins and tournaments for out wrestling team here at Kitsilano
  6. To provide students with curricular and extra-curricular field trips and guest speakers that focus on pre-employment skills, team building, leadership, curriculum support, and mental health resiliency.

Hope to see you all there!